Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning

To me, “personalized” means “to make more personal,” which has to do with the goals and desires of the person in question. If I let you choose what you want to learn and how you want to learn it, those are aspects of personalization.

Values of a teacher


I agree that one of the main values of a teacher is to help students find good learning paths, but I disagree that students are unlikely to find good paths themselves. Teachers can help students optimize, but the truth is that people learn all sorts of things all the time on their own. Teaching is about the zone of proximal development; it’s about helping students learn (and discover) those things that they are not quite ready to learn on their own but can learn with a little bit of help. That’s not the same thing at all as saying that humans aren’t good at constructing good learning experiences for themselves. Also, I believe in the value of curriculum, but it’s a bit of a straw man to suggest that personalized learning must mean that students decide everything, for themselves and on their own.

By Michael Feldstein